announce: lift, moptilities

For your edification and enjoyment:

  • A very minor update to moptilities (to let it keep up with changes in sb-introspect).

    BTW, I did this to handle the past, but I’d be happy to hear of a different way to avoid history’s nightmare:

    (defun function-arglist (symbol)
       (or (find-symbol (symbol-name '#:function-lambda-list) :sb-introspect)
           (find-symbol (symbol-name '#:function-arglist) :sb-introspect))
       (fdefinition symbol))
  • An update to LIFT. The primary impetus was to avoid the brain-dead way SBCL’s version of ASDF-install loads every system definition it finds (rather than only the ones it needs (a behavior, by the by, that the portable version does not share)). It also includes several small additions and tweaks.

    • Added ignore-multiple-values? to ensure-same and ensure-different,
    • catch ambiguous names in make-testsuite,
    • divide result by delay in while-counting-events to give count per second,
    • many other minor things…