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Are we too focused on climate change?

It sucks when several things are going bad simultaneously. BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Hijacked by climate change? “But others argue there is no time; that society needs, urgently, to see the wider picture of global decline in … Continue reading

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this does concern me

Via the AP WASHINGTON — The national Republican Party has mailed a fundraising appeal suggesting Democrats might use an overhaul of the health care system to deny medical treatment to Republicans. A questionnaire accompanying the appeal says the government could … Continue reading

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all those jokes about threat levels, not funny

This is really sad (and infuriating) but hardly surprising. Tom Ridge, the first secretary of homeland security, asserts in a new book that he was pressured by top advisers to President George W. Bush to raise the national threat level … Continue reading

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iPhone haiku

Two days ago fell into water with iphone in my pocket sometimes things get wet This morning with my fingers crossed tremulous, phone cased in rice power on. it works. Whew!

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Harper’s Index and Underwear

Via Harper’s index: Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata revealed that for a month in space he wore the same underwear, which was flame-resistant, controlled odors, killed bacteria, and absorbed water. Wakata said that he also ate a number of curries. “My … Continue reading

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