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Rove can’t be trusted with facts

Guess who thinks that Obama Can’t Be Trusted With Numbers? Karl Rove. ’nuff said? Why would we listen to someone with questionable ethics and a penchant for doing whatever it takes — not to improve my country but rather — … Continue reading

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Yeah! – Massachusetts sues U.S. over gay marriage rights| U.S.| Reuters

Massachusetts sues U.S. over gay marriage rights | U.S. | Reuters “BOSTON (Reuters) – Massachusetts’ attorney general filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the U.S. government that seeks federal marriage benefits for about 16,000 gay and lesbian couples who have … Continue reading

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Before you polish that Chrome…

New Google Operating System, Chrome OS, Raises Privacy Concerns | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD “‘Competition in the OS market should always be welcome, but Google is the special case,’ Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy … Continue reading

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snob appeal or just appeal

From John Gruber‘s essay on touch keyboards and Apple: Apple tries to make things that many people love, not things that all people like. The key is that they’re not afraid of the staunch criticism, and often outright derision, that … Continue reading

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pushd, I hardly knew you

From a tech/geeky point of view, this is embarrassing enough that I probably shouldn’t mention it. There is hope, however, that some other soul will benefit from my pain. If you use the *nix (or OS X) command line, you … Continue reading

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