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iTunes app store and 17+ content

With OS 3.0, the iPod/iPhone and Apple’s iTune’s store support content ratings. This is good: I’m all for free expression, adding another layer of maturity (pun intended) to what’s available, etc. However, I don’t want to have to see it … Continue reading

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Seeing, Believing, not.

[Too cool for words][wb] “WASHINGTON, D.C. (ISNS) — The three best visual illusions in the world were chosen at a gathering last weekend of neuroscientists and psychologists at the Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts in Florida.” (via Dynamic Diagrams)

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Clay Shirky on TED

Talks about the new social media. Nice.

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Books read lately

Tender to the Bone is Ruth Reichl’s first memoir dedicated to food and love and family. It’s a very nice read. (A) Life Sentences is a mixture of memoir (fictional), mystery, and race relations set in present day Baltimore. I … Continue reading

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Easily Grossed Out?

There are lots of straight lines here but I’m going to avoid them. Easily Grossed Out? You Might Be A Conservative! “Participants who rated higher in disgust sensitivity were more likely to oppose gay marriage and abortion, issues that are … Continue reading

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Be careful, be very, very careful

Computers Can Send You to the ER, Study Shows – ABC News “Emergency room visits from computer injuries increased sevenfold between 1994 and 2006, according to a report published June 9 in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.”

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Interesting business model

Study: Life, Health Insurers Investing Billions in Tobacco Companies – Health News | Current Health News | Medical News – “The study highlights U.S. insurance company Prudential Financial Inc., who has $246.3 million dollars invested between three tobacco companies, … Continue reading

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git – committing in the midst of a conflicted pull

Just a note about an git-experience I had in case it helps someone else… I was doing a git pull and got a conflict (in the ChangeLog of all places). I fixed the conflict and then tried to commit the … Continue reading

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missile gap, salt mine gap, education gap…

There’s always a gap. I think that this one, however, is real. The Future of Manufacturing, GM, and American Workers (Part II) | Robert Reich’s Blog “But we’re in danger of losing ground because too many of our kids, especially … Continue reading

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