typical day – no wonder I sometimes feel overwhelmed

Today was not one of my more productive days. I’m glad that days like this are relatively unusual.

Not including general cleaning, etc. This was my day today:

  • 6:00 – wake up
  • 6:15 – wake up for real this time
  • 6:20 – wake up Brennan
  • 6:30 – shave, get breakfast for myself and Brennan
  • 7:00 – check e-mail; get Brennan out the door
  • 7:15 – walk Abbey
  • 7:45 – learn I neec to take Zachto his doctor’s appointment
  • 8:00 – wake up Zach,
  • 8:30 – leave for doctor’s
  • 9:15 – doctor’s appointment
  • 10:00 – head home
  • 10:45 – drop Zachary off; head to school to get Brennan some ibuprofin for his hurt hand
  • 11:15 – take prescription to CVS; shop; stop at library to look for books on kids and divorce
  • 12:00 – get home, eat lunch
  • 12:30 – phone meeting with Martin
  • 1:50 – head to therapy
  • 3:00 – go pick up Brennan in Amherst
  • 3:15 – walk Abbey with Brennan and Adam
  • 4:20 – drop Brennan off at Adam’s
  • 4:30 – start working (gasp!)
  • 6:15 – take Zachary to his Magic draft
  • 7:00 – make dinner

Still to do: clean kitchen, get Brennan, get Zachary, work, answer e-mail, pay bills, sign up for camp, garden (not today but it needs doing…).

Unpleasant truths…

Hear, hear:

Why are managers afraid to manage? | View from the Cubicle | TechRepublic.com

“Much of the time, a manager will turn a blind eye to a bad employee even though all the signs are there. Then they’ll wait until a co-worker comes in to complain. At that point, the manager gives the ‘You should talk to her and explain how that makes you feel’ speech. … [N]ine times out of ten, such a ‘talk’ will result in one employee being directly in the ‘hate radar’ of another. Most unbearably unpleasant people also happen to be defensive about their unpleasantness.

Second, isn’t that what the manager gets the extra bucks for…managing?”

Emphasis mine.