Continuous Deployment == Fail Fast Software

I Just read Timothy Fitz’s post on Continuous Deployment:

“This is a software release process implementation of the classic Fail Fast pattern. The closer a failure is to the point where it was introduced, the more data you have to correct for that failure. In code Fail Fast means raising an exception on invalid input, instead of waiting for it to break somewhere later. In a software release process Fail Fast means releasing undeployed code as fast as possible, instead of waiting for a weekly release to break.”

Though you’d definitely need additional infrastructure to handle the consequences of failures (i.e., ways to undo side effects), this more or less makes sense to me.

announce: cl-markdown 0.10.5 and cl-containers 0.11.5

Shocking as it is, I’m actually posting an entry categorized with “lisp”. What is the world a’coming to.

Seriously, though, Tiarnan O’Corrain and Timothy Ritchey, reported a very basic problem with cl-markdown (i.e., it didn’t work). To put it simply, cl-markdown required asdf-system-connections but didn’t make this requirement explicit. ASC shouldn’t really be necessary so 0.10.5 (and cl-containers 0.11.5) add some more duct tape (chewing gum, bailing wire) to the mix in the hopes of getting things more or less straightened.

My apologies for the snafu. Let me know if things are still aft agley.

OpenSSH and ControlMaster

I’ve been using tramp lately. It’s very cool but also often very slow. Yesterday I found this description of ControlMaster on

“OpenSSH 4.0 introduced an interesting new feature called ControlMaster that allows it to reuse an existing connection to a remote host when opening new connections to that host. This can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to establish connections after the initial connection. Let’s see how this can help you work faster, and how to start using ControlMaster right away.”

As the article discusses, I tried timing 10 calls to

ssh my-host hostname 

First without ControlMaster and then with it. The results:

  • No ControlMaster – 0.218 user
  • ControlMaster – 0.038 user

Yozaa. I haven’t been tramping with it so I’m not sure how this will translate to my day-to-day. Still, I have hope.