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so torqued up

A conversation in pictures It’s funny to me how people get so torqued up over IP stuff when nobody cares what they’re doing. John Gruber or Merlin Mann

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Software security – Blaming the victim

This strikes me as blaming the victim. If software updates were easy, stabile and automatic, then more software would be updated… An Analysis of Conficker …may be an interesting testament to the stubbornness of some PC users to avoid staying … Continue reading

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Who will hold them accountable?

That my government did this sickens me. Red Cross: Torture Committed At CIA Sites – CBS News “The United States engaged in acts of torture and ‘cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment’ upon prisoners held at secret detention sites operated by … Continue reading

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announce: cl-containers 0.11.4

Nathan Bird sent in a patch that tweaks the red-black-tree container and adds several tests. This brings cl-containers to cersion 0.11.4. Thanks Nathan!

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announce: lift 1.7.0

I’ve just bumped LIFT to 1.7.0. The minor version increment stems from a change made to ensure-cases. Previously, singleton variables required an extra layer of parentheses, like: (ensure-cases (var) ((1) (2) (3)) (ensure (numberp var))) This was silly so I’ve … Continue reading

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Please don’t give us software that works |

Here’s an odd backhanded compliment to Apple’s iLife software: $800 Mac Mini? I’m all set, Apple | Education IT | “However, even iLife has its drawbacks in an educational setting. It simply hands so much to the students that … Continue reading

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