Monthly Archives: February 2009

announce: metatilities 0.6.18

Thanks to Gustavo for some cleanup and corrections to [metatilities][]’s conjoin and disjoin macros and for a compiler-macro for compose.

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Restoration, time, energy, the never-ending suck

A few months ago I lost my old blog posts. I’ve got the MySQL database that contains them and have been hoping to use that to do the big restore but I’m thinking that that probably isn’t going to happen … Continue reading

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announce: cl-containers 0.11.3

Ian Eslick sent a patch for cl-containers that cleans up some bit rot in splay-trees. Thanks!

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Semantic Solar System

A collegue pointed out this wonderful solar system diagram of various RDF languages: I’d like to see some sort of Halley’s comet racing through perturbing everything but that’s probably mixing metaphors too liberally (or literally but not littorally.)

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