this does concern me

Via the AP

WASHINGTON — The national Republican Party has mailed a fundraising appeal suggesting Democrats might use an overhaul of the health care system to deny medical treatment to Republicans.

A questionnaire accompanying the appeal says the government could check voting registration records, “prompting fears that GOP voters might be discriminated against for medical treatment in a Democrat-imposed health care rationing system.”

It asks, “Does this possibility concern you?”

How in the world can this even happen? I wish I thought this didn’t appeal to anyone but clearly it does. Maybe we should send a mailing that asks if you think that it’s a good thing that the Republican plan includes sticking a gun up everyone’s rectum or whether you agree with the idea that the Republican plan will prevent hordes of flesh eating zombies from acting the malls of America.

all those jokes about threat levels, not funny

This is really sad (and infuriating) but hardly surprising.

Tom Ridge, the first secretary of homeland security, asserts in a new book that he was pressured by top advisers to President George W. Bush to raise the national threat level just before the 2004 election in what he suspected was an effort to influence the vote.

(via the New York Times)

Rove can’t be trusted with facts

Guess who thinks that Obama Can’t Be Trusted With Numbers? Karl Rove. ’nuff said?

Why would we listen to someone with questionable ethics and a penchant for doing whatever it takes — not to improve my country but rather — to win at all costs?

I know it’s an opinion piece but it would be nice to go back and at least compare how the WSJ covered similar legislation during the Bush years of plenty ™

Easily Grossed Out?

There are lots of straight lines here but I’m going to avoid them.

Easily Grossed Out? You Might Be A Conservative!

“Participants who rated higher in disgust sensitivity were more likely to oppose gay marriage and abortion, issues that are related to notions of morality or purity. The researchers also found a weak correlation between disgust sensitivity and support for tax cuts, but no link between disgust sensitivity and the other issues.”

Interesting business model

Study: Life, Health Insurers Investing Billions in Tobacco Companies – Health News | Current Health News | Medical News –

“The study highlights U.S. insurance company Prudential Financial Inc., who has $246.3 million dollars invested between three tobacco companies, including Reynolds America and Philip Morris.”

So the insurance invests in tobacco, tobacco invests in advertising, people invest in cigarettes, cigarettes cause cancer, people go to hospital, people need insurance.

OTOH, I would think that the insurance companies would make more money overall by keeping people healthy (since then they get the premiums without having to pay anything out). So… what’s it about.

missile gap, salt mine gap, education gap…

There’s always a gap. I think that this one, however, is real.

The Future of Manufacturing, GM, and American Workers (Part II) | Robert Reich’s Blog

“But we’re in danger of losing ground because too many of our kids, especially those from lower-middle class and poor families, can’t get the foundational education they need. The consequence is a yawning gap in income and wealth which continues to widen. More and more of our working people finds themselves in the local service economy — in hotels, hospitals, restaurant chains, and big-box retailers — earning low wages with little or no benefits. Unions could help raise their wages by giving them more bargaining leverage. A higher minimum wage and larger Earned Income Tax Credit could help as well. “