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ShopSimple 1.1

I just released ShopSimple 1.1 on the App Store — tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, pets, SOs, mail carriers. Even if I say so myself, it’s a great little shopping list application. Why ShopSimple? Why do I need to tell … Continue reading

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This is so true (old but never posted…)

bitquabit – The One in Which I Call Out Hacker News “A developer, asked how hard something will be to clone, simply does not think about the polish, because the polish is incidental to the implementation.” Nine times out of … Continue reading

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pushd, I hardly knew you

From a tech/geeky point of view, this is embarrassing enough that I probably shouldn’t mention it. There is hope, however, that some other soul will benefit from my pain. If you use the *nix (or OS X) command line, you … Continue reading

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announce: metabang-bind 0.7.4

I discovered a nasty bug in metabang-bind today caused by a gensym being created too early (i.e., it was created when I defined a macro rather than when a bind form in user-code was expanded.) Version 0.7.4 corrects this and … Continue reading

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announce: cl-markdown 0.10.5 and cl-containers 0.11.5

Shocking as it is, I’m actually posting an entry categorized with “lisp”. What is the world a’coming to. Seriously, though, Tiarnan O’Corrain and Timothy Ritchey, reported a very basic problem with cl-markdown (i.e., it didn’t work). To put it simply, … Continue reading

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announce: lift, moptilities

For your edification and enjoyment: A very minor update to moptilities (to let it keep up with changes in sb-introspect). BTW, I did this to handle the past, but I’d be happy to hear of a different way to avoid … Continue reading

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