concerned abutters or just butting in

There’s a Mosque in the works for Harkness Road in Pelham and the neighborhood isn’t happy. Personally, I feel very sad that the folks I live near are so narrow minded that they use the excuse of a narrow street as an attempt to prevent the Mosque from opening. I think that if a good “christian” organization was proposing this same plan, the opposition would melt away.

I hope that that this opposition fails and that the Mosque opens and I’m heartened that I’m not alone (and here) in this opinion.

Rove can’t be trusted with facts

Guess who thinks that Obama Can’t Be Trusted With Numbers? Karl Rove. ’nuff said?

Why would we listen to someone with questionable ethics and a penchant for doing whatever it takes — not to improve my country but rather — to win at all costs?

I know it’s an opinion piece but it would be nice to go back and at least compare how the WSJ covered similar legislation during the Bush years of plenty ™

typical day – no wonder I sometimes feel overwhelmed

Today was not one of my more productive days. I’m glad that days like this are relatively unusual.

Not including general cleaning, etc. This was my day today:

  • 6:00 – wake up
  • 6:15 – wake up for real this time
  • 6:20 – wake up Brennan
  • 6:30 – shave, get breakfast for myself and Brennan
  • 7:00 – check e-mail; get Brennan out the door
  • 7:15 – walk Abbey
  • 7:45 – learn I neec to take Zachto his doctor’s appointment
  • 8:00 – wake up Zach,
  • 8:30 – leave for doctor’s
  • 9:15 – doctor’s appointment
  • 10:00 – head home
  • 10:45 – drop Zachary off; head to school to get Brennan some ibuprofin for his hurt hand
  • 11:15 – take prescription to CVS; shop; stop at library to look for books on kids and divorce
  • 12:00 – get home, eat lunch
  • 12:30 – phone meeting with Martin
  • 1:50 – head to therapy
  • 3:00 – go pick up Brennan in Amherst
  • 3:15 – walk Abbey with Brennan and Adam
  • 4:20 – drop Brennan off at Adam’s
  • 4:30 – start working (gasp!)
  • 6:15 – take Zachary to his Magic draft
  • 7:00 – make dinner

Still to do: clean kitchen, get Brennan, get Zachary, work, answer e-mail, pay bills, sign up for camp, garden (not today but it needs doing…).

Who will hold them accountable?

That my government did this sickens me.

Red Cross: Torture Committed At CIA Sites – CBS News

“The United States engaged in acts of torture and ‘cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment’ upon prisoners held at secret detention sites operated by or in conjunction with the CIA, according to details from a secret report by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). “

I’m sorry and ashamed that this happened at all and that people like Dick Cheney are still defending the practices. I knew America, America was a friend of mine, and Dick’s American is not my America.

Personally, I think he should stick to holes in teeth…

And leaves holes in theories to people who understand science…

In Texas, a Line in the Curriculum Revives Evolution Debate –

“The chairman of the board, Dr. Don McLeroy, a dentist, pushed in 2003 for a more skeptical version of evolution to be presented in the state’s textbooks, but could not get a majority to vote with him. Dr. McLeroy has said he does not believe in Darwin’s theory and thinks that Earth’s appearance is a recent geologic event, thousands of years old, not 4.5 billion as scientists contend.”

I also have to wonder how said that Mr. Meyer is an expert:

Stephen C. Meyer, an expert on the history of science and a director at the Discovery Institute, denied that the group advocated a Biblical version of creation. Rather, Mr. Meyer said, it is fighting for academic freedom and against what it sees as a fanatical loyalty to Darwin among biologists, akin to a secular religion.

Breast feeding in public is OK, really.

(update 2009-01-01: the story makes it to Ars Technica complete with many very bad puns).

Facebook makes me angry:

Are photographs of a mother breast-feeding her child indecent? The social networking site Facebook has sparked a massive online debate — and protests — and after removing photos that expose too much of a mother’s breast.

Join Breast Feeding is not a crime if it makes you angry too.