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concerned abutters or just butting in

There’s a Mosque in the works for Harkness Road in Pelham and the neighborhood isn’t happy. Personally, I feel very sad that the folks I live near are so narrow minded that they use the excuse of a narrow street … Continue reading

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moral imbalance

Roger Lowenstein in the New York Times on Sunday: This [walking away from bad mortgages] would correct a prevailing imbalance: homeowners operate under a “powerful moral constraint” while lenders are busily trying to maximize profits

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ShopSimple 1.1

I just released ShopSimple 1.1 on the App Store — tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, pets, SOs, mail carriers. Even if I say so myself, it’s a great little shopping list application. Why ShopSimple? Why do I need to tell … Continue reading

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and they still took them?

Tylenol Recall Expands Eh? “McNeill says consumers reported the product had ‘an unusual moldy, musty, or mildew-like odor’ linked to symptoms of nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.’” If it smells moldy and unusual, that’s probably a bad sign.

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Don’t like speed cameras? Use them to punk your enemies

I’m a year behind the times, but this is a good story… Don’t like speed cameras? Use them to punk your enemies “Students at Richard Montgomery High School in Maryland have discovered that they can duplicate the license plates of … Continue reading

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Absolutely appalling.

Yelling and talking over “guests” is not what I want to see or hear: MSNBC’s Ratigan Yells At Congresswoman (VIDEO) | TPM LiveWire Ratigan has a point but his rude behavior takes center stage and we’re left with nothing but … Continue reading

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I never blog about Lisp. What I use for apropos

(update: several people have mentioned Edi Weitz’s excellent regex apropos. I think that the code below complements the regex approach but that’s mostly because I usually think in terms of “find me a symbol with this and that” rather than … Continue reading

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Remember how the “left” is unbalanced and the right isn’t about hate…

Report: Unprecedented Number Of Death Threats Against Obama — And Secret Service Overwhelmed | TPM LiveWire “But the election of Barack Obama has increased threats against the president’s life by 400 percent from his predecessor, according to ‘In the President’s … Continue reading

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This is so true (old but never posted…)

bitquabit – The One in Which I Call Out Hacker News “A developer, asked how hard something will be to clone, simply does not think about the polish, because the polish is incidental to the implementation.” Nine times out of … Continue reading

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I agree: fire the judge

Newlywed won’t tolerate ‘overt racism’ by Louisiana official – “The woman who was denied a marriage license by a Louisiana justice of the peace because he refused to marry interracial couples said the official should lose his job.” Absolutely.

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