[Widgets-support] About Rate-It

William Howarth howarth at Princeton.EDU
Thu Mar 23 21:18:12 EST 2006

on 3/23/06 8:59 PM, Gary King at gwking at metabang.com wrote:

> Ack!
> No, you're right. Rate It! will force iTunes to turn on whenever you
> bring up dashboard. That wasn't intentional and I completely agree
> with you that it shouldn't happen. It will be fixed for the next
> release (which will be soon).
> thanks for letting me know.
> regards,


Thanks for such a speedy reply! I appreciate your interest.

While I am making suggestions, could you consider the possibility of some
variation in the *color* of the Widget? I guess green and gold would be
enjoyed by Colorado State fans, but personally I would prefer red and
black--or at least some other variations.

And I will be making a donation tonight as well, to support your good

Will Howarth
howarth at princeton.edu

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